About The Eagle Project

We’re a non-profit organisation working to build relationships with adolescents in the youth prisons of São Paulo, Brazil.

Somos uma organização sem fins lucrativos que trabalha par dar assistência, orientação e apoio ao adolescente em cumprimento de medida socioeducativa.

To break the vicious circle of crime and drug abuse by working with adolescents in youth prisons in São Paulo, Brazil, and their families, through a programme of workshops, professional help and family visits aimed at reducing the possibility of re-offence.

Our hope is that ´The Eagle Project` will give many young people in Brazil and other countries the opportunity to find their ‘wings’, begin a new life and dream big dreams.

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Our Mission

To break the circle of crime, violence, drug abuse and imprisonment.

The Eagle Project, a registered charity in Brazil, is run by George and Cally Magalhães and team who began in 1999 to rescue children and young people from the streets of São Paulo, one of the largest and most violent cities in the world. Their focus now is in the youth prisons helping 15-19 year-olds from disadvantaged backgrounds where extreme poverty, abuse, drugs, illiteracy, violence and living on the streets is a normal part of their lives. They work with groups of adolescents in youth prisons who participate in a programme of twelve psychodrama workshops based on the principles of Restorative Justice.

They also offer individual counselling and the lifeskills they need to prepare themselves for life after their release. The team accompanies them and their families for at least two years to help with professional courses, finding employment or whatever other assistance they and their family may need. Their aim is to encourage positive choices and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.


  • What did we leave with? I saw the potential in young lives, robbed by circumstances and upbringing. I saw hope sitting alongside reality and tough futures. I experienced warmth of shared humanity and God’s touch on our lives from just a short visit. I have been changed through an experience that will live with me forever.

    Tim Richardson – Original Ltd


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